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Farmerama: Exchange of Remaining Birthday Cards

Mee with Watering CanYour remaining drop items from the Birthday Event Part II will be exchanged tomorrow, Feb 1st, starting at approximately 08:00 (CET). It may take a few hours to exchange them all.

For each Birthday Card you’ll get 20 EP and 20 CC.

All game timings are shown in Central European Time (CET). To get an idea of how CET relates to your own time click on the clock face in the right-hand column.
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Farmerama Birthday Party Part 2 – Drop Rate for Birthday Cards

Mee with Party Hat

Farm A
Level 78
Trophies 15% and 11%
2×2 Plots Harvested 119
2×1 Plots Harvested 65
Crops Harvested Aubretia and Begonias
Craft Items Used Carrot Bread
B’Day Cards Dropped

It had crossed my mind that we could have had a competition entitled “Fill in the Blank”, but just see if you can guess how many Birthday Cards were dropped by that configuration, and bear in mind that this was well after the overnight problems were sorted out. The answer comes below the line….
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Farmerama Birthday Cards now Correct and Part 1 Drops Exchanged

Mee with Party HatThe work has finished on correcting the problems caused last night.

The official announcement reads as follows:

The greeting cards should be now visible and the remaining drop items from part I should be finally exchanged.

Please log-out, clear your Cache & Cookies, then log back in.

Thank you for your patience.

Now the party can commence in earnest… Yippee ! 🙂

Farmerama Exchange Update

Mee with Party HatThe following announcement has now been made with regard to the ongoing problems with the Birthday Cards and the exchange of Horns and Cakes from Part 1.:
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Farmerama Birthday Card Problems – Partial Fix Reported

Mee with Party HatFollowing the various problems which began last night when they were trying to update the CC’s and EP’s relating to the drop items from Birthday Part 1, there has now been a further announcement as follows:
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