Barter and Give

Unwanted Items

Mee A Barter and Give Mini-Event gives you the opportunity to get rid of some of the items that are cluttering up your inventory and which you no longer have a use for.

Once the event is running the Event Place Balloon will start flying across the City.

Clicking on the event balloon will bring up a panel asking you if you wish to access the Giver or Merchant aspect of the event. (Don’t you just LOVE consistent terminology?)

To Give or Barter any items, first you will need to get some “Licences to Gift” and/or “Licenses to Sell“. These can be purchased for BBs.

  • 1 licence costs 2 BB – will allow you to send 1 gift OR sell 1 item
  • 6 licences costs 10 BB (17% off) – will allow you to send 6 gifts OR sell 6 item items
  • 20 licences costs 30 BB (25% off) – will allow you to send 20 gifts OR sell 20 items
  • 75 licences costs 100 BB (33% off) – will allow you to send 75 gifts OR sell 75 items

Giver Event

When you have your “Licences to Gift” you’ll be able to give some items from your inventory to your neighbours/buddies.

Click on the Gift icon

Then select an item to gift, and choose the person you want to send it to.

Giver Animals

Note that you will only give one item at a time so even though, for example, in the above picture there are four Horse Stables, clicking on the “Give away” button would only give one of them to your selected recipient.

Trading Event

Barter and Give - Merchant Panel

When you have your “Licences to Sell” you’ll be able to sell some of your excess items off to the “system” and get some CC’s back.

Click on the Trade icon

and select which item you want to sell. The CC value will be indicated for each item.
Trader Specials


We have been informed that the following items will not be available for gifting or trading:

Non give-away items:
– Trophies
– Marriage arches
– Chipmunks
– Free Gifts
– Top 500 Squirrel
– TGC-club sign

Non saleable items:
– trophies
– Marriage arches
– Free Gifts
– All XXL-trees
– All stable upgrades that are not available to buy in the shop (Red & Pink)
– TGC-club sign
– Top 500 squirrels

Additionally, it will not be possible to trade pets but will be possible to sell them.

As this is a new feature, there may be additions or changes to these lists at a later time. This is what we have so far. As soon as we are informed of any changes, we will update the information as needed.

Further Reading

This Forum thread, from the first Barter and Give Event, includes an FAQ with a little more information.

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