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Advent Calendar starting 1st December

Mee The Forum has announced that for Advent this year there will be an Advent Calendar with a new window to open each day.

The announcement reads as follows:

Last year, from the 1st December until Christmas, you were all hunting for bonus codes on facebook, twitter and in the forums. This year, getting 24 great surprises is a lot easier: We have prepared a lovely ingame advent calendar for you!

You can find it on your main farm on the 1st of December and open one wicket each day. So make sure to login each day to get all 24 surprises!

To bring you even more into Christmas spirit, the Farmerama graphics team has prepared a new beautiful wallpaper for your desktop.

Enjoy a peaceful time until Christmas.

Advent Calendar Wallpaper example

(Note: Ours is only a reproduction of the picture for your information. If you wish to download it as wallpaper we suggest you go to the original post and get the original, top quality version from there.)

Pet Crow now live as BB Bonus

Mee The Pet Crow has just gone live as a bonus for BB purchases.

A reminder that it will stay as Bonus item only until 5th December 2011 0:01 o’clock (CET).
After that it will just be available to buy through the Supply Store.

UPDATE: That information was quickly followed but this, further announcement:

You can now also purchase the Crow in the Supply Store; after 5 December, it will only be available to purchase – the BB bonus is for a limited time only.

The crow costs 45BB in the Store and will give 5% bonus EP every 12 hours.


New Pet Crow – available later today

Mee After Friday’s mess-up with the Forum announcement of the new pet Crow the following, slightly confusing to us, semi-announcement has just been made:

Howdy Farmers,

The new crow pet will come live to our game around midday CET.
Many of you tried to buy the crow without there being any mention on the News Page and/or Official Announcements that the new item was available.
This information will be announced once the pet is in game.

But we just announced that it will be available on Monday. So, don’t worry, everyone who bought premium or at least 300 BB from 0:01 CET today will receive the crow.
We will book it later today when it becomes available in the game.

The Pet will stay as Bonus until 5th December 2011 0:01 o’clock.
After that the crow will just be available to buy through the Supply Store.

Thank you for your patience and your support,

Your Farmerama-Team

How nice it is to see that those people who attempted to get the Crow by buying BB’s after midnight (CET) last night will actually receive it after all.

We’ll let you know when it “officially” goes live.

Crow Egg

Practice Fairground games on the Forum

Mee Think you need a little practice on the games at Renzo’s Travelling Fairground?

Well now you can now practice to your heart’s content on the Forum.

There are mini versions of the games on there which won’t cost you anything to play, but of course you won’t win any prizes either.

You may find them slightly easier to play if you zoom your browser in a little first.

You will need to press F5 after playing them to reset them again, and we found that you actually needed to click outside of the game frames themselves first, otherwise the F5 wouldn’t be recognised by the browser.

Have fun, but don’t waste too much time on it because you’ll be needing those Chips!

“Rüdi” becomes “Roger”

Mee One little announcement that slipped under our Nublon radar the other day is that “Rüdi the Groundhog” is known as “Roger the Groundhog” in the English version of the game.

We liked him being called Rüdi and we certainly don’t consider Roger to be an appropriate name for a Groundhog, but who are we to say? After all we’re only Nublons.

"Roger" the Groundhog

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