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FarmeramaAID Picture of the Day – Naughty Goat

Naughty Goat

(c) FarmeramaAID – Based on images owned by Bigpoint GmbH

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FarmeramaAID: Six Reasons Your Farm May Not Be As Good As You Had Hoped/Wanted It To Be

Mee with Watering CanIf, like so many farmers, you feel frustrated that your farm isn’t all that you wanted it to be, never fear.


Weeds, again !!

We have been analysing much of the feedback we have received over the past few months and have compiled a list of the six tips which we feel could be of most benefit to Farmerama farmers everywhere.

Make yourself a fresh, hot mug of your standard drink, rip open a packet of biscuits, put your feet up and learn how your farm can become the envy of all around you….
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