Mee with Watering CanFrom time to time we like to canvas your opinions on certain game related matters by running polls.

Each will run for a few days and then the final results will become available.

Interim results are available while the poll is still running.

Click on the name of the poll to have your say or to view the results.

Current Polls

Butterfly House – Which style do you prefer? Free roam, or under a Dome?
Alphabetical Inventory Sequence – Good or Bad? Have your say about the change to the way things are ordered in the Inventory

Previous Polls

Babies or Crops? When a Baby Boom coincides with a crop growing event how does that affect your game play?
New Style Seed Planter What do you think about the new style seed planter (in Beta testing)?

We welcome your comments, feedback, opinions, questions, suggestions and donations. (But not necessarily in that order)

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