Farmerama Exchange Update

Mee with Party HatThe following announcement has now been made with regard to the ongoing problems with the Birthday Cards and the exchange of Horns and Cakes from Part 1.:

Howdy farmers,

We are really sorry about the current problems in the game. We are working hard to fix them so all can enjoy the second part of the B-Day event.

1. The remaining drops items from B-Day event part I (horns and cakes) were not exchanged for all players. Those players who still miss them, should login now. This problem has just been fixed.

2. Greeting card drop items from last night – currently we have a scrip running, which will book back all drop items, which were not counted last night. As you know – the drop items were not shown, because they were exchanged in CC and XP. The script which is running now will deduct the XP and CC which are overbooked. It could take up to 2-3 hours until the script is done. We´ll let you know when it´s finished.


What that doesn’t say, of course, is what will happen to farms where the farmer has already spent the CC’s that were booked or has already levelled up due to the overbooking of EP’s.

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