Progressive EP Givers

EweHello Mee. I’ve started the Festive Fun Quest and have won a St.Niklausbär Level 1 EP Giver. Can you tell me how this is different to the normal prizes that I win?

MeeCertainly, Ewe.

It’s been quite a while since there has been a prize like this in the game so there are probably a lot of players like you who have never encountered one before.

It’s called a Progressive EP Giver because you win the prize in various stages.

The first level of a Progressive EP Giver is just like any normal EP Giver prize. You put it somewhere on your farm and it will give you a certain number of EP’s after a set period of time. The difference comes later on when you win the other levels of the item.

EweWhat do I do with them?

MeeThey are upgrades to the first level prize that you won, so instead of placing them elsewhere on your farm you have to add them to the previous levels of the same item. They work very much the same way as the upgrades to the Trees, Animal Pens or your Trophies; you just place them on top of what you already have.

When you do that the EP Giver will look different and you will get more EP’s and/or the time it takes to reload will reduce.

EweBut I see from the chart that you produced for the Quest that there are three levels to the St.Niklausbär. What happens now?

MeeAll you have to do is to make sure that you put the Level 2 on to the Base, that is the Level 1, and then put the Level 3 onto the version that has the Level 2. It’s a two-stage upgrade.

Here is an animation that shows you what the three levels of St.Niklausbär look like.

St.Niklausbär animated gif

St.Niklausbär animated gif

EweI see. But what would happen if I tried to put the Level 3 straight onto the Level 1? Would it work?

MeeIt would work, in that you would get the rewards for the Level 3 item all the time, but you would be left with the Level 2 upgrade still in Inventory and you would have no way of using it or getting rid of it.

EweOh, well I wouldn’t want that! 😦

What happens if I delete it after I’ve applied an upgrade to it?

MeeOnce you have applied an upgrade to it the whole thing becomes merged so it is just one item from then on. If you delete it you will have a complete Level 2 item in your Inventory, and nothing else. Later, if you add another higher-level upgrade to it then that, too, merges with what is already there. That is why you cannot put the Level 2 upgrade on after the Level 3 because you cannot split the Level 3 item down again to put the Level 2 upgrade in its rightful place.

EweThank you, Mee, I think I understand about them now. 🙂

MeeGlad I could help. But if you do have any more questions about them you can always ask me via the Contact page.

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