Collecting Fairground Prizes

Ewe Mee, I’ve been playing the games in the fairground and now I want to collect a prize. How do I do that?

MeeVery easily. Go to the Prize Counter in the Fairground.

Fairground Map Showing Prize Counter
This is what it looks like. What a wonderful selection of prizes. 🙂

Prize Counter

Ewe I’ve got 86 Chips, that’s just enough for the Power-Feed. What do I do next?

MeeA good choice, Power-feed is always useful.

Just click on the Power-feed and the crane will drop its’ basket over it. The Buy button at the bottom of the screen now becomes available.

Power-Feed Selected

Click on the Buy button and the prize is yours. 🙂

Power-Feed Bought

The Prize Counter now doesn’t have the Power-feed, so if you want anything else you will need to select a different prize.

Power-Feed now not available

Ewe Thank you, Mee, I’m off to collect it right now! 🙂

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