Bonus Codes

EweHello Mee. A neighbour of mine sent me a message saying that there is a Bonus Code available to use. Can you explain Bonus Codes to me please?

MeeHello Ewe. Yes certainly.

From time to time Bonus Codes become available which you can use within the game. Sometimes they will give you an item that you can place on your farm and which will give you EP’s when harvested, sometimes they will give you free use of the Machinery items (harvester/seeder/droid) for a period of time, and sometimes they will give you something which you will find useful in an Event or a Quest.

EweHow will I know what the code is going to give me?

MeeWe will announce details of all the Bonus Codes on our front page so if you come back here, or subscribe to our posts, you will get all the information you need.

EweOk, thank you. How do I use the codes?

MeeYou enter them in the Barcode area of the News Page.

EweOh, I don’t know what the News Page is. 😦

MeeIt’s the part of the screen that sometimes comes up automatically when you first log in to the game, but don’t worry if it doesn’t appear because you can get to it very easily at any time.


MeeLooking at the picture below, first click on the leftmost button at the top right of your farm screen and then, when the drop-down menu appears, click on the little picture of a News Reporter.

Opening the News Page

MeeThat will bring up the News Page like this.

News Page

MeeClick on the Barcode which is being pointed to by the arrow and another little box will come up which is where you enter the code, like this.

Bonus Code Entry Box

MeeClick in the middle of the Bonus Code box, type in your code and click on the Submit button. Don’t worry if you get it wrong, the game will just give you a message telling you that and you can then type the code in again. Assuming you typed it correctly this is the sort of confirmation message you will get.

Collecting Bonuses Success

MeeIt’s as easy as that!

There are a couple of things to remember though…

Firstly, each code can only be used once by each farm. If you try to use the same code again at any time the system will display a message telling you that you have already used that code.

Secondly, while some codes have an infinite life some other codes are only valid for a certain period of time, but don’t worry, our announcements will make it quite clear when they will expire and, if you do try to use them after their alloted time, the system will tell you anyway.

EweThank you Mee, I’m off to enter that code now. 🙂

MeeYou’re very welcome.

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