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Now you can support FarmeramaAID (and make a charitable donation too)

Mee with Party HatFarmaramaAID burst into existence just over two months ago and we hope you have found our site useful and will continue to come here for all the latest news and opinion about Farmerama.

We have been greatly encouraged by all the messages of support we have received, both on the site and through in-game messages from our many neighbours. We hope you continue to enjoy and gain benefit from what we are doing here.

We have now completed the setting up of our PayPal Donate button. This will allow our readers the ability to support our work, should they wish, whilst also helping to raise funds for our nominated charity, Fife Headway.

You can read the full story by going to our About page.

Thank you.

Headway - The Brain Injury Association

The Fife branch of Headway

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