Breeding Coloured Bats

Coloured Bats
MeeIn order to be able to breed Coloured Bats you first need to be at least at Level 21 within the game.

The breeding of Coloured Bats differs from the breeding of other animals in that it is a special, unlockable feature.

To unlock Coloured Bat Breeding you need to wait for a Moonlight Mania Mini-Event. These occur every 4 weeks to coincide with the Full Moon and there is usually an extended event at Halloween.

Moonlight Mania Bat Breeding Banner

When a Moonlight Mania is running make your way to Jack’s Shop in your Main Field and look down at the bottom right of the shelves. There you will find the option to unlock Coloured Bat Breeding.

Bat Breeding in Jacks Shop

Bat Breeding in Jacks Shop

The requirements are:
Bat Breeding Requirements

  • 2000 Venus Flytraps
  • 2500 Beady Eye Bushes
  • 1000 Monster Pumpkins
  • 3000 Bonetrees

It will take you more than one Moonlight Mania to accumulate this many items as Spooky Crops cannot be traded on the Market, you have to grow them all yourself.

When you have accumulated the required number of each item you click on the Bat Breeding item on the shelf and then on each of the crop pictures to hand them over to Jack. When you have given Jack all the reuired crops the Tick Mark at the right hand end of the crop panel will be fully yellow so you can click on it to perform the unlock.

You will now be able to breed Coloured Bats at any time, not just during a Moonlight Mania, and the Bat Guano Production Pens will become available to you to enable you to start Bat Guano Production.

Bat Guano Production Pen animated gif

Bat Guano Production Pen animated gif

When it is available we will have a separate tutorial to cover the whole Breeding process.

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