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Happy Farmerama New Year 2012

Xmas MeeTo round off the year we present you with a gallery of some of the notable events, happenings, and enhancements that were made in Farmerama during 2011. See how many you remember.

We hope you all enjoy the festivities, wherever you are, and wish you a safe and Happy New Year 2012 ! šŸ™‚

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Farmerama – NO New Bonus Codes (as at 31st Dec 2011)

Xmas Mee(This post superseded 24th Jan 2012 when the next Bonus Code was introduced)

Some of our neighbours and, from our website statistics, quite a lot of other farmers out there are getting very confused by the sudden appearance of the News Page in the middle of their farming. Many people believe that it indicates that there is a Bonus Code which is available to be entered (in a similar way to the Advent Calendar which automatically brought up
the News Page when a Bonus Code was awarded).

We would like to make it clear that to our knowledge there are NO new Bonus Codes in operation at the time of compiling this post, and that the delayed appearance of the News Page so far into a farming session is as a result of an unfortunateĀ bug. It is related to the fact that you are unable to force the gift messages to appear by switching from one field to another when you first sign in.
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Farmerama New Year Quest 2011/12 – Dinner for Moo

Xmas MeeThe New Year Event has started and it is a 9 Level, Short-term Quest entitled Dinner for Moo. It will run until some time on 6th January. (Check the in-game timer for the actual finish time).

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New Year Event Announced

Xmas MeeĀ The dates for the New Year Event have been announced.
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Surprise – Powerfeed Savings Day and another Baby Boom Event

Xmas MeeThose sneaky people at Farmerama have crept up on us and are giving us another Baby Boom Day (and a Powerfeed Savings Day to help us along with it).

These events will start on Wednesday, December 28th at 10 a.m. (CET) and end on Thursday, December 29th at 11 a.m. (CET).

The Forum thread with the timers can be found here, but as always note that Forum Announcement countdown timers are only a guide to a given start-time. You’ll only really know that the event has started when it actually is online. ALWAYS refresh your browser to check if the Event has an ingame timer, or if the News Page has any information that the Event has started!

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