Renzo’s Travelling Fair

Renzo’s Travelling Fair

Ewe Mee, I hear there’s a new fair in town. Where can I find it, please?

Mee Hello Ewe.

Yes, on Wednesday 23rd November Renzo’s Travelling Fair arrived in town for the first time. New fun and games at your fingertips and the chance to win some great prizes. πŸ™‚

You will find the Fairground on your Farm Map.

Farm Map pointing to Fairground

Just click on it and you will walk straight in.

Renzo's Travelling Fair

Ewe What games are there to play?

Mee There are two games to play this time, the Mach-O-Meter and Bean the Groundhog.

There are full instructions in the FAQ on the Forum as to how to play them.

Ewe Have you played the games yet?

Mee Oh yes! We Nublons love a bit of fun. πŸ™‚

Ewe I’m a bit short on time because I have all my farming to do too. Which game would be best for me to play?

Mee If you’re short of time then the Mach-O-Meter is the quickest game to play. Bean the Groundhog can take a while as you have to use a full minute each time you play it.

Also Bean the Groundhog is a much harder game to play and costs you 2 tickets each time, whereas with the Mach-O-Meter it is easier to get a score which will win you some chips, and it only costs 1 ticket per play.

Ewe Ok, thanks. When I’ve finished playing and I want to collect my prizes what do I do?

Mee Go to the Prize Counter in the Fairground and see what you might like, there’s a wonderful collection of prizes for players of all abilities and all depths of pocket.

Prize Counter - November 2011

Just click on whichever item you want to buy, the crane will select it, and then you press the Buy button.

Ewe If I haven’t got enough Chips for the prize I want can I use my spare tickets instead?

Mee Yes, you can by clicking on the Chip button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll get this pop-up which tells you how many Chips you will get for your Tickets.

Exchange Pop-Up

However…. in our opinion this is not good value for money, even at the best rate shown.

Ewe Oh, why not?

Mee Well, the best rate you can get from this exchange is 130% of Chips to Tickets.

We’ve been playing the Mach-O-Meter a lot and it really is quite easy to build up your Chips at a much better rate than that.

By using the Exchange at the best rate offered you will only get 13 Chips for every 10 Tickets spent. Whilst we understand that not everyone will be able to play the games because of reasons of coordination or mobility, anyone with a reasonable amount of coordination should be able to average a return rate of at least 25 Chips for every 10 Tickets, and that is a much better rate. At the time of writing this I’ve just finished my third allocation of tickets (70 in total) on my main farm and have an average of exactly 4 Chips per ticket.

Ewe Can I buy more tickets if I run out?

Mee Yes, clicking the Ticket button at the bottom of the screen will take you to the Supply Store where you can buy three different sized bundles of Tickets.

Tickets at Supply Store

Ewe Thank you, Mee. I’m off to see if I can win lots and lots of Bat Houses. πŸ™‚

Mee Oh no you’re not… you can only claim one prize of each type and then that prize gets removed from the display, sorry.

Ewe Oh! 😦 Well I’ll save them all up and see if I can get that StarScope, and then I’ll be able to see Nublon 5 where you come from. πŸ™‚

Mee Are you sure you wouldn’t want the Dragon Egg?

Dragon Egg

Ewe Hmmmm… well…. maybe. πŸ˜‰

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