Main Farm Crops – by Level

Mee with Watering Can

On this page we present the information relating to the crops available to players within the Main Farm, sequenced by the Level in the game at which each crop becomes available.

The charts are broken down into sections of ten levels at a time, thereby allowing the column headings to be shown for each group. Where no new crop is unlocked at a specific level a space is left to allow for the easy addition of further crops as they are introduced into the game.

For each crop the following information is given:

Game level at which the crop is unlocked
Supply Store image of the crop
Crop name
Cost, in CC’s, of one unit of the crop in the Farm Shop (Supply Store)
Country Fair Exchange Rate for the crop. This is a notional EP value assigned to each crop for the purposes of donating items to specific events as they occur within the game
Standard Growing Time in Hours and Minutes (excluding the use of Water, Fertiliser, Super-Grow, or any other form of speed enhancer available within the game)
EP’s received upon standard harvesting of a 2×2 plot
EP received rate per hour, for comparison purposes

You can scroll through this page or jump directly to any group of levels by clicking one of these links:

Levels 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90

Crop Levels 1 to 10

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Crop Levels 11 to 20

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Crop Levels 21 to 30

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Crop Levels 31 to 40

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Crop Levels 41 to 50

Levels 41-50 120323

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Crop Levels 51 to 60

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Crop Levels 61 to 70

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Crop Levels 71 to 80

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Crop Levels 81 to 90

Much of the available data on levels 81 to 90 is inaccurate and much is also contradictory. Rather than show you incorrect information we would rather wait until we can supply you with verifiable, confirmed information. We hope you agree.

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Please note: FarmeramaAID can accept no responsibility for errors or omissions in the data shown on this page.

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