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Farmerama’s new Seeder Panel is now live (Updated post)

Valentine MeeThe new Seeder Panel went live about an hour ago.
A number of the changes requested by the farmers have been incorporated so we’ll just have to live with it and see how it goes.
Here is the Official Announcement from earlier today:
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Farmerama: New Icon Graphics for Crops (Updated)

Valentine MeeBigpoint have now shown us the new Icons for the crops which they will be incorporating into the new Seeder Panel.

We are currently putting all the pictures together for you and will have a full display shortly.

Please check back later when we will UPDATE THIS POST.


Our little Nublon fingers are busy at the keyboard as you are reading this….

The new Seeder Panel will be introduced soon (probably at the end of the current Valentine’s Event) and will be available to be sorted by the farmer in the following sequences:

(Second Update: The original announcement in the Forum has now been changed and it now states that players will NOT be able to resequence the order of crops in the seeder. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.)

  • Crops in Alphabetical order
  • Crops sorted by Level
  • Crops sorted by Growing Time

We now have all the pictures in place and they are shown below the line. They are in ascending order of Level and hovering your pointer over any of them will show the level and the crop name.
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Farmerama: Beta Seeder Test – Part 3

Mee with Watering CanThe techies have done some more work on the new seeder, still in Beta testing, and would like our continued feedback on it. It seems they are determined to put it in no matter what the majority of opinions tell them.

Seeder Third Version

Seeder Third Version

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