Farmerama Birthday Party Part 2 – Drop Rate for Birthday Cards

Mee with Party Hat

Farm A
Level 78
Trophies 15% and 11%
2×2 Plots Harvested 119
2×1 Plots Harvested 65
Crops Harvested Aubretia and Begonias
Craft Items Used Carrot Bread
B’Day Cards Dropped

It had crossed my mind that we could have had a competition entitled “Fill in the Blank”, but just see if you can guess how many Birthday Cards were dropped by that configuration, and bear in mind that this was well after the overnight problems were sorted out. The answer comes below the line….


Yes, just FIVE.

Just after that we harvested another farm with a different plot configuration and which included some higher value crops and a few animal pens. Birthday Cards dropped? … 8 !

We have no idea how many weeks it is likely to take to complete the event at that rate, but Easter isn’t too far away.

Also occurring well after the correction script had been run, we went, for the first time today, to another of our farms which is not intending to complete the event and has all its’ crops growing on Comfort Plots (“Swift Meadows” !!). We were somewhat surprised to see that one of that farm’s neighbours had managed to complete Level 82 in…. wait for it…. 2.5 DAYS !!!

Given the EP’s he must be collecting for each plot in order to do that we think he stands a very good chance of completing Level 2 of the challenge before the end of the event.

Needless to say we will be planting Roses overnight to boost the drop rate because we don’t foresee any problems with producing the required amounts of crops within the specified time, but the Birthday Cards?… well, those may be a problem.


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  1. I also had a neighbor move up at an amazing pace; from 83 to 84 in 4 days. I was quite stunned and impressed. I sent along a congratulatory message and she replied that it the level up was a game glitch. Apparently each time she changed fields or screens, she was given several tens of thousand EP. She paid no attention as she was busily jumping from field to field harvesting and planting the required crops, visiting the city and her confectionary for the event nearly 24 hours per day for 5 solid days. It is unclear how the error was discovered by the infamous “powers that be”. I now notice that her level has been reduced to 83 again and the “extra” EP I received has vanished.

    As for your neighbor that went from 81 to 82 in 2.5 days…. I wonder how more than 3.5 million EP was accumulated in that short amount of time. I would love to see that strategy!


    • Hi Moonshine,

      It turns out that the neighbour of mine was also affected by the glitch and has now been returned to their original level.
      The glitch was caused by an error in the script that was used to update the farms with the EP’s and CC’s relating to the cakes and horns that the farms still had after part 1 of the Birthday Event.

      That was actually my point, because there had already been an announcement on the Forum which stated that the corrections had been done and that all farms EP’s and CC’s had been returned to their correct levels. That being the case my neighbour should not, then, have subsequently been affected by the original script glitch after those adjustments had been made and the announcement posted.

      The fact that they were means that the weevils were still at work even though the Forum announcement had already stated that everything had been tidied up.

      Good luck with Part 2. 🙂

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