Christmas 2011 Competition

FarmeramaAID Christmas 2011 Competition

This competition is now closed

Mee Hi folks. How would you fancy adding these two little beauties to your farm?

Classic Reindeer Stable II and Scented Tree

Classic Reindeer Stable II and Scented Tree

Well you can if you win our little competition. 🙂

You see, my problem is that I’m not very bright when it comes to mechanical things, but I’ve had an idea for something that might make life a little easier for me around the farm this Christmas.  It’s something that will give me time to put my feet up and eat lots of your earthly mince pies.

It occurred to me that if I could somehow combine these two items then I might save myself a lot of work keeping the park tidy (and we all like a tidy park, don’t we?).





So all you have to do is come up with an ingenious, and humourous, way of attaching the lawnmower to my spaceship and describe it in no more than 150 words.

No pictures are allowed as we have to be able to try to picture it ourselves.

We will pin all the entries on the back of the FarmeramaAID outhouse door for people to read, and whichever entry creates enough laughter for it to be heard back at the farmhouse will win the prizes.

Farmhouse and Outhouse

The rules

(Note: We have removed the requirement that entrants need to be subscribed to this site).

The competition is only open to players of Farmerama. Multiple entries are allowed.

The competition will remain open until the start of the next Buyer & Giver event or until Midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day (CET), whichever comes first. If Christmas comes first then the prizes will be delivered during the next Buyer & Giver event after that. Entries received by us after the closing time will not be considered.

Entries, other than the winning entry, will not be displayed on here and you can be assured that your contact details will not be seen by others and not used by us for any reason other than to notify the winner of their achievement.

Our decision as to the winner is final and no correspondence will be entered into with regard to this competition, and that’s the end of the rules.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those brain juices flowing and see what decidedly absurd suggestions you can come up with.

Good luck to you all, and Happy Farming! 🙂

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