Happy Tree Day

Happy Tree Day Logo

MeeA Happy Tree Day means you get 5 x EP when you harvest your trees and when you buy one XXL tree upgrade, you get a second XXL upgrade free!

As the 5x EP Bonus takes effect when you harvest your trees you can plant them in advance, harvest them as soon as you can once the event has started, and then still have time for a second harvest before the end of the event.

Production times for trees are as follows:

Tree Tree Type Growing Time (hh:mm)
Apple Standard 12:00
Apple XL 10:48
Apple XXL 07:12
Non-Apple Standard 20:00
Non-Apple XL 18:01
Non-Apple XXL 12:00

Please check the In-game Event Timer for Happy Tree Day to be sure it’s already running before you buy.
Eventually refresh your screen when the event is supposed to have started, and check your News Page.

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