MeeBeginning in November 2011 you can now buy birds eggs and grow your own pets for your farm. These pets give you an EP percentage bonus for a certain period when you “harvest” them.

These are the pets that have been introduced so far:

                Crow                               Dragon                             Owl                 
  Crow and Nest Dragon and Cave Owl Tree and Owl
Price 45 BB Fairground Prize 150 BB
Initial EP’s 250 500 350
Bonus 15 mins of +5% EP 20 mins of +20% EP 10 mins of +10% EP
Reset Time 12 hours 10 hours 30 mins
Size 1×1 2×1 1×1

Each Pet will take 7 days to incubate unless you provide them with an Egg Warmer. These can be bought in the Animals department of the Supply Store for 39 BB’s each and reduce the incubation time to just 1 hour.

Egg Warmer in Supply Store

Egg Warmer in Supply Store

Note that the Egg Warmers do not appear in your inventory when you buy them. You click on your “planted” incubating Pet and the Egg Warmer appears in a bubble, similar to water, super-grow, etc. Click on it to add it to your egg.

Note also that Pets are not affected by the Harvester, they must be triggered manually by the farmer clicking their individual “Done” buttons.

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