Babies or Crops? (Poll Closed)

Babies or Crops Poster

Mee with Watering CanThis poll seeks out your opinions on how having conflicting event types running at the same time affects your playing of the game. (e.g. Baby Boom Day during a crop growing event).

Poll is now closed, here are the (extremely even) results…

I’m a good enough (or rich enough) player to be able to do both with ease. What’s the problem here? 25%
Crops, every time. I want to fill up my park with Giver items.   0%
Um… Mardi Gras….. No… er… Baby Boom…..Oh, no… Mardi….. Ohhhh I don’t know!!!… 25%
Babies!! I want babies, and I want lots of them…. NOW !!!! 25%
Eek!! It’s all too much for me… I’m going to throw myself in front of the harvester and turn the roses into a proper shade of red !!! 25%
  1. I love your poll! But what I would say is not there. How I really feel is not there, so I picked the last one, the funniest in my opinion!
    There should have been in that poll, ********who feels it is just plain wrong of this to happen!
    THAT would have been the one I chose. because it is just plain wrong.
    If they want to have two or more events then we need more room, easier events to accomplish, and a heart to actually think it just would be plain wrong to have more than 1 event at a time! Thank you Sir Mee
    From Serenity

    • Hi Serenity,
      There seem to be plenty of people who have voiced that opinion to Bigpoint already, which is part of the reason that we didn’t phrase any of the options in that particular way; we wanted to see what else people had to say about it (and add a touch of humour too).
      Bigpoint have said that they will take note of players’ opinions in this regard in the future, but I guess plans that are already laid down cannot be changed.
      We did very little breeding on our farms this time around and didn’t avail ourselves of the bargain Power-feed opportunities that ran alongside the Happy Breeding Day, and it appears from our gift receipts that very few of our neighbours did either. I think we only received two power-feed as gifts this time, whereas in the past we have received up to about a hundred across the five farms.
      That pretty much speaks for itself I would say.
      Thanks for contributing to the poll.
      Happy farming! 🙂

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