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Farmerama: New Multi-Offers in the market: SOON!

Mee with Watering CanIf all goes well, later today, or in the very near future, we’ll have a new feature in the Market… the abillity to make multi-offers.

Market Multi Offers

See the animation in this Forum Thread.

The Market FAQ will be updated when this is live!

Your Farmerama Team

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Farmerama Info Boxes: Player Power Wins Through

Valentine MeeAfter having received so many complaints from the players regarding the new Info Boxes, Bigpoint have made the following announcement:
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New Market (and Inventory) Function in Farmerama

MeeThe following announcement was made a few hours ago but we delayed informing you until we had the opportunity of testing it ourselves.
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Farmerama Tip of the Day – Don’t buy the wrong thing at the Market

Mee With the current plethora of bugs in the new Market it is very easy to get confused and especially easy not to realise when sometimes (!) the information being displayed is not actually correct.

We know this because we have fallen foul of it on a number of occasions ourselves. (Anybody need 13,000 Sunflowers in a rush? )

One of the most prevalent bugs is the one where you want to buy more than one offer of a certain item, but after you have bought the first the data within the sale window actually relates to something totally different. But there is an easy way to make sure that you get the right information.
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Name your own price in the Market

Mee At last common sense has prevailed! There was an announcement about half an hour ago that you can now enter your own price when offering items for sale in the Market.
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