Baby Boom Day

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MeeWhen a Baby Boom Day arrives you will receive extra animals when breeding in the Pastures. (Find out more about breeding coloured animals here: {FAQ} Breeding Coloured Animals)

Breeding Pasture

Breeding Pasture

The Pastures need to be harvested between the start and end times of the event in order to get the bonus babies, and during this time all breedings should give twins. This means that you’ll get the animal you were supposed to get plus a random coloured animal OR 2 normal animals.

If you have unlocked the Baby Boom Rune on the Tree of Wisdom in the Glade, you may even get triplets!

The in-game timer will show the number of complete hours remaining for the event when you click on it.

You’ll be reminded that the event is running by seeing this “Mobile Event Place” wandering around the City. It is not clickable.

Baby Boom Day Mobile Event Place

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