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Farmerama Forum Papercrafting Competition

Xmas MeeFollowing on from the Papercrafting items that were given as gifts in the Advent Calendar there is now a Papercrafting Competition running on the Forum.

Papercrafting Competition

The competition wll run until Friday, January 15th 2011, at midnight (CET) and full details of what is required and how to enter can be found in this Forum thread.

(It is probably against the rules to advertise FarmeramaAID in your entry).

We will be starting a new competition ourselves later in the week so watch out!

Farmerama Advent Calendar – Day 21 – Arts and Crafts Sheep

Mee Day 21 of the Advent Calendar gives the young ones another chance to have fun, this time with a Sheep to download and make.

Day 21 Arts and Crafts
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Farmerama Advent Calendar Arts and Crafts files for download

MeeWe have noticed a few hits on this site by people who are obviously looking for the previous Arts and Crafts files to download.

We have been saving them as the Advent Calendar has progressed and have made them available for download here.

We hope you found what you were looking for. 🙂

Farmerama Advent Calendar – Day 2 – Arts and Crafts Owl

MeeIf you happened to miss out on the Owl it is available for download here.

Advent Day 2 - Owl Picture

Advent Day 2 - Owl Picture

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