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Festive Fun – St.Niklausbär Progressive EP Giver – How does it work?

Mee The EP Giver prize in the Festive Fun Quest is a Progressive St.Niklausbär.

St.Niklausbär Static


Some of the newer players may never have come across a Progressive EP Giver before so we thought we might take the opportunity to write up a little tutorial to explain the methodology.

If, after reading the tutorial, you are still unclear about how they work you can always ask us further questions through the Contact page.

“Rüdi” becomes “Roger”

Mee One little announcement that slipped under our Nublon radar the other day is that “Rüdi the Groundhog” is known as “Roger the Groundhog” in the English version of the game.

We liked him being called Rüdi and we certainly don’t consider Roger to be an appropriate name for a Groundhog, but who are we to say? After all we’re only Nublons.

"Roger" the Groundhog

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