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A Happy Christmas to everyone

Xmas Mee

Unfortunately, as of midnight at the start of Christmas Day in Berlin this is what the City now looks like…

Happy Christmas City

Happy Christmas City - or not !

No doubt it will be fixed soon. 🙂

As far as we here at the FarmeramaAID Hospital for Bewildered Farmers are concerned we hope all of our readers have a joyful, peaceful and, above all, safe Christmas.


Fix my Sleigh – Early Bugs

MeeSome early problems are being reported with the Fix my Sleigh event, as per the following announcement.

Howdy Farmers,

There was a problem with the first “received” snowflakes from neighbours/buddies. They went into the wrong part of the inventory. This will get fixed later during the quest.

Reminder: Snowflakes drop ONLY on the special event crops.

There seems to be a bug in the event step where you hand in tools – the display jumps back to 0
This is being checked. Please wait before donating your tools!

Farmerama “Fix my Sleigh” has now started

MeeThe event has now started, and has been called “Fix my Sleigh“.

It is scheduled to run for 10 days.

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