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Confusing “Happy Hour” Offers on Farmerama

MeeI’ve just come in from the farm to find an announcement about “Happy Hour” offers for BB purchases.

I suggest you read it yourself because it takes some understanding on first reading.

Don’t forget also that today is Happy Toolbox Day, so all Tool Boxes in the Supply Store are half price.


  • The farmhelp bonus code timing was incorrectly set so it finished early by mistake. They have corrected it so that it now finishes at 23:59 (CET) tonight, 30th November. If you haven’t used this code yet it gives 3 hours of all Machinery (harvester/seeder/droid). If you don’t know how to use Bonus Codes read our little tutorial.
  • The temporary problem with the language being changed on some farms has, apparently, now been fixed.
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