Super-Grow Savings Sale

Mee with Watering CanA Super-Grow Savings Sale allows you to buy Super-Grow in bulk at discounted rates.

You can access the event by clicking on this flying Event Place in the City.

Super-Grow Savings Event Place

Super-Grow Savings Event Place

Doing so will take you to this screen where you can choose which pack you want to purchase.

Super-Grow Savings Panel

Super-Grow Savings Offer Board

The packs that are available are:

  •  Pack 1: 65 super-grow for 20 BB
  •  Pack 2: 210 super-grow and 5 Suzy’s Super-Fertilizer for 60 BB
  •  Pack 3: 450 super-grow, 10 Suzy’s Super-Fertilizer and 2 super-grow for each of your neighbours for 120BB

As a reminder:
Super-Grow halves production time on crops.
Suzy’s Super-Fertilizer gives +2 crops and also +50% EP: It can also be used on trees.

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