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Editorial: Farmerama “Blockers” Part 2 – Bahamarama Level 17

Valentine MeeIn an earlier post we voiced a degree of frustration with the way some of the quests in the game are organised.

Both the Lunch and Gaga for Greens quests get held up for ages waiting for Peppers to become available.

Our “O” farm finally completed Level 17 on the island this morning and was then, finally, able to buy the requisite Peppers. We made a note of what that was worth to the farm based on the rewards received from the remaining levels of the quests which we could immediately complete.
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Which new Farmerama theme would appeal to you?

MeeIt’s come to our attention that the “powers that be” at Farmerama have decided to ask the farmers which of two new themes they would prefer to see developed. The choices are “Land of Milk and Honey” and “Fairyland“.

You can, if you wish, go to the forum thread to vote on this and leave your own comment too, but in the meantime we’re going to make a few observations ourselves by way of long overdue Editorial Comment.
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