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Mega-EP Weekend and Mystery Stable Master have begun

Mee These Mini-Events have now started and will last for 2 days.

There is an event timer in this Forum thread.

The information about the Mega-EP day is given here.

The information about the Mystery Stable Master is given here.

Go get a Groundhog Stable, if you can !

Groundhog Stable

Weekend Mini Events

Mee The events for this weekend have been announced. There will be a Mega-EP Weekend and a Mystery Stable Master.

Both mini-events will run from Saturday 10 a.m. (Central European Time) until Monday 11 a.m. CET.

Further details, event timers, and links to more information are now on the Forum.

As part of the Mystery Stable Master event you may be lucky enough to win one of these little beauties.

Groundhog Stable

Groundhog Stable

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