Which new Farmerama theme would appeal to you?

MeeIt’s come to our attention that the “powers that be” at Farmerama have decided to ask the farmers which of two new themes they would prefer to see developed. The choices are “Land of Milk and Honey” and “Fairyland“.

You can, if you wish, go to the forum thread to vote on this and leave your own comment too, but in the meantime we’re going to make a few observations ourselves by way of long overdue Editorial Comment.

Editorial Comment

The past couple of months have seen one new thing after another coming out of the Farmerama development office.
Some of these have been interesting (e.g. the Pets), some have been fun (e.g. the Bats), some have been good for the gameplay (e.g. the Fairground and, in the UK, the Cinema), and some have been disastrous in terms of Bigpoint’s reputation (e.g. the New Market).

For the past few days we have been urged almost every time we have logged in (which, with so many farms is many times a day) to purchase a Crow (which we have already done in response to the messed-up announcement on Friday last).
Crow Pop-Up

Today we are being bombarded with extremely annoying hard-sell Pop-Ups urging us to part with our money to buy more BB’s during the Mega Happy Hour and to get a bonus when we do so.
Mega Happy Hour Pop-Up

These, as with all development, take up time for both the Graphics Department and the Techies whereas the announcement on the News Page (which is also there) would be sufficient to get the message across. Well it certainly seemed to do the trick for the past year or so anyway, even if the person who wrote it seems unaware that they are restricted in the number of characters available for the heading text. :sigh:
Notice on News Page

It is our opinion that the Farmerama management need to get a grip of their product and that the Graphics Department and Techies would be better employed in fixing some of the bugs that persist in the game before embarking on further development.

Some of the problems with the new Market involve bugs which have existed for many months in the old Market and which have been transferred over by the use of legacy code rather than a rewrite.

In the thirteen months that we have been playing the game it has been very apparent that Farmerama has had an ongoing problem with Change Management, a situation which shows itself again in the new Market whereby a couple of days ago an obvious “patch” was put in to refresh the stock quantities after one has made an offer, but that patch has now disappeared, most likely because another adjustment was made by somebody else who was also working with the same area of code and had not incorporated the “patch” into their version.

This type of thing happens time and time again and is certainly a contributing factor in why so many people leave the game, taking their potential revenues with them. (We will justify that statement in a future editorial we have planned.)

When we started our latest farm back at the end of September we spent some BB’s to treat ourselves to a couple of the World Cup Flags (not cheap) and were most disappointed to find that the England flag doesn’t “flutter in the breeze” as it is supposed to. There are threads on the Forum from back in July where people were complaining even then that the flags were “still” not fluttering, and the response was that the Graphics Department were working their way through them. We would think that England would be a fairly popular choice (?), certainly compared to the other flag we bought which does flutter… i.e. China ! Tomorrow is 1st December and the England flag is still made of stone.

Do the Farmerama players really want to have hard-sell Pop-Ups hitting them all the time? We think not.

Do the Farmerama players want something extra in the game? Always, especially (among other things) more Park land on which to put the multitude of prizes they have won and which have been choking up their inventory for months not earning the EP’s and CC’s for which they were designed.

Do the Farmerama players want the ability to have the Trophies apply to the whole farm all the time without the need to click (what has now become) 16 times every time they want to move them from one field to another? Most certainly, and whilst that will be a very welcome new Rune when it appears it is a facility which is very long overdue in arriving.

But most of all what the Farmerama farmers want is for the game to work properly!

Slow down a bit on the development, get some of the bugs fixed (and we’ve only just brushed the surface in this article), and for crying out loud test things properly before putting them live, and that means not always using the Machinery to do things. Is anyone at Bigpoint aware that when one visits the Pantry to eat things the graphics when things are being harvested/planted manually clag up each time the game interfaces back to the server? No, they haven’t noticed because it was tested using the harvester, seeder and droid and that way the resulting snarl-up only occurs once per field and appears like just a slow internet connection at that point, whereas in reality it is best to log out and log in again if one is harvesting manually because the graphics snarl up every 9 seconds…. and when you do log out and in again to clear the problem you get those hard-sell Pop-Ups again! Grrrrrr!!

Come on Bigpoint, get your priorities right and make the game enjoyable again. Make it work properly and you won’t need to “hard sell” because people will WANT to give you their money, and that includes those in the USA who want to but can’t (for some reason), including some of the Forum Moderators.

Editorial ends.


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  1. g2-78bb297c88676916617e6133b0e7304e

    I could give a flying farkle which one of them Pigpoint uses. Since I could not find a picture or layout of either theme, before Pigpoint decided to CLOSE THE THREAD as usual.

    Sorry for the shouting. I am in my Pigpoint Rage mode today.

    Thanks for all of the presents, and also your predictions of what we get for EP when we congratulate our neighbors are spot on my friend. Spot on.


    • Ah, there were no “teaser” oictures because they wanted us to use our imagination. Very much like we have to use our imagination as to what the national flags of the latest countries to be the subject of events look like. they gave us flags for Brazil and France, then nothing for poland and Romania. Why?
      The predictions are down to the fact that I’ve kept stats on what points I’ve recieved for congratulating all my neighbours over the past year, so I know what most of the combinations are. 😉

  2. serenitynpeace

    I am not a happy camper with Farmerama. I can’t find where the new one is, and I can’t find the old one, plus they closed the feed so I can’t tell them what I think anyway!!!! Plus there is no place to ask any questions as what I have found was not the right place, or what I found said : “closed”
    Besides they don’t want to hear any bad comments … only good ones. The moderator made a negative comment to what was left for the comments about the feeding prices …. lol and replied in the new market, no more comments like that, they want constructive comments! lol My comment to BP is BAH HUMBUG!
    I will understand if this comment is not put up. As I know it is a very grumpy comment created by Farmerama!!
    Thank you!
    Sincerely, snp

    • Hi SnP,
      We try to only censor bad language on here (for the benefit of younger or sensitive readers) and so far we haven’t had to do that.
      We believe eveyone’s opinion is valid, even if we may not agree with it ourselves. it’s called “freedom of Expression”, something the Forum very often tries to censor.
      Threads may get closed on here after a time due to the limits put on the system, but we will try to monitor that and lengthen the time available for comments if we feel it is appropriate. We won’t close threads manually.
      If we disagree with someone’s point of view then we will say so, but we will try not to get drawn into arguments about the game… there is little enough time for farming as it is. 😦

  3. At level 78 the game began to get boring. It was just full of stuff stuff stuff! Stress yourself to “Do a quest, get “stuff” Buy this, buy that. I had “New Stuff” fatigue (an annoying but apparently curable condition) But then I realized that I do not have to do everything and I do not have to have everything. I am not competing with anyone.
    I shocked several neighbors by not participating in the Winter event at all. I only completed part of the New Years event (I only grew the clover). Santa had to rely on others to “Fix his sleigh”.
    I also stopped reading the steam room and most of the forum. All that complaining and whining was rubbing off on me like an icky rash.
    I spend way less real money and have really enjoyed developing strategies and organizing everything. And guess what? I am now leveling up FASTER than I ever have before. Go figure :))
    And by the way, I adore the trade/sell event. I have a blast giving away all of that extra stuff I win on the wheel. I mean really, who needs 6 Moose Pens!?
    Happy Farming!

    • I couldn’t agree more!
      It was only when I told myself that it isn’t a race that I realised how manic the whole thing had been making me. Calming down helped me to be much more “productive” in all areas and gave me the chance to sit back and view the whole thing in a different light.
      “So what?” if it takes a month or more to complete a level? Better to do that and have a brain left at the end of it.
      With the New Year event I used the time to replenish my crop stocks on two of my farms, build up supplies of Artisan products, review exactly where I was with the quests, bump up my trophies (which were well overdue), and generally have a “tidy up”.
      My Parks are now much less cluttered because half of the things are back in inventory, and I’m quite happy for them to stay there because I don’t think I’ll be wasting nearly 1BB selling anything for 4000CC. That just doesn’t seem like a good deal to me!
      Oh, and I think I’ll take a rain check on the Moose Pens too, thank you very much… 😉
      Thanks for the input, Moonshine.

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