January 2012 Crossword Competition

Please Note: This competition is now closed. The solution can be found at the bottom of the page.

FarmeramaAID January 2012 “Quickie Crossword” Competition

Mee Hi folks. How would you fancy adding a Bakers’ Pack of Production Pens to your farm?

Baker's Pack

Well you can if you win our little competition, but you will have to be quick !

This competition will end promptly at 9pm (CET) this Friday, January 13th.

This month the competition takes the form of a Farmerama-based Crossword Puzzle. (Don’t try to download the image below, the resolution is probably not good enough)

Crossword in Picture Form

Crossword in Picture Form

You can download a PDF File of the above page by clicking on this link. This will give you a single A4 Sheet with the grid, instructions and clues which you can then print or save as you wish.

All you need to do then is solve the puzzle and send us your 12 letter word solution based on the instructions along with your Farmerama Farm Name and (unless you know yourself to be a neighbour of one of our farms) unfortunately, your email address (for additional rapid notification).  Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page for your entry. Entries sent by any other means will not be accepted.

The boring bit… The rules

The competition is only open to people who have a registered farm on Farmerama.

Each correct entry received by the closing time will be allocated a number by us, and we will select the winner immediately the competition closes by means of a random number generator program. We will then send an in-game message to the winning farm and, if an email address is provided (or if the winner is a WordPress user) we will email the winner directly. Email addresses will be used for no other purpose whatsoever. We will also put up a post declaring the winning farm name. All subscribers to this site will automatically receive an email notification of that post.

If the winner is a neighbour of one of our farms then their prizes will be sent to them before the end of the current Barter and Give event, but if the winner is not previously known to us we will have just 13 hours to notify them, send them a Buddy list invitation, get that accepted, and send them their prizes before the end of the current Barter and Give event. In that event, if the winner does not log in to the game and accept a Buddy invitation by 9am (CET) on Saturday morning, 14th January, then delivery of the prizes will have to be postponed until the next Barter and Give event, but that may be two or three months away. 😦

Having now discovered (after completing 385 levels) how to add a farm immediately to the Buddy List without the need to await a response from the farm in question, we will be able to send the winner their prize as soon as the competition is over.

That’s the end of the rules, folks!

Good luck to you all and Happy Farming!

— Contact form removed as competition closed —

The solution follows this bar. Click on More to view it.

1201 Crossword Solution

January Crossword Solution

The 12 letters in the yellow squares can be arranged to form the word FARMERAMAAID.
(Well we did say it was easy!!)


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