Farmerama: Responses to Some of the Player Questions/Comments

Mee with Watering CanThe producers have given us answers to several of the questions/comments posted by players a few weeks ago.

The rather lengthy post continues below the line…

1. Bahamarama: As we announced in the last newsletter, major changes are in store for the island in the coming year. This includes creating more space on the island and making it easier to advance there. Since these changes are comprehensive, it will take a bit longer to get everything finished. Therefore, the release is projected to be finished late this year. Currently, we are working on combining your ideas and what you’d like to see into a cool package. As soon as we have found what we think is the right combination of changes, we will let you know.

2. Weather system: We are also planning on implementing changes to the weather. However, the other projects lined up have higher priority, which means you farmers will have to wait awhile before the new weather descends on the farm. At present, we are concentrating on improving the current game content before we implement the new weather system.

3. High level players: Due to technical issues, adjusting the level curve was more difficult than expected. We will, however, be retackling this issue very soon. There are modifications set to be implemented in the short and medium terms, which are aimed at higher level players.

4. In-game event calendar: We’re working on it.

5. Event difficulty: As you have surely noticed, we have been experimenting lately with the difficulty of events in order to adjust them to respective user levels. As yet, we haven’t been able to find any ideal solutions (we have received many excellent suggestions from the community, the majority of which are extremely difficult to implement). We will continue to work on it until we have found a suitable solution. Please remain patient.

6. Farm orders: Revamping the orders on the farms has proven to be more difficult than expected. It has been postponed, but not forgotten.

7. Bots: We are currently working on a system that automatically recognizes botters and spammers and also takes action against them. We will publish more details right before it is set to take effect. Our system will aim to stop severe abuse very quickly.

8. “Empty promises”: It is completely understandable that you are disappointed since some of the announcements in the last newsletter were either not implemented or not implemented by the announced date. To be perfectly honest, it’s kind of like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we don’t inform you of our future plans, then everyone wants to know what we have in store, which is also perfectly natural. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the plans that we have in store can be released by the tentative times stated, which is also disappointing. As plans oftentimes have to be pushed back or modified, would you rather continue to receive info on what we have in store for the future or would you rather wait until we are ready to make a statement that is 100% accurate? One compromise could be to continue making announcements, but no longer include any info on when it might happen. A poll will be posted soon in the Official Discussion section for you to let us know how you want the announcements of future features handled.

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