Farmerama: New trade in the Artisan’s Village – become a Spa Manager!

Mee with Watering CanAnyone who has noticed the new runes on the Tree of Wisdom may be wondering what they’re for. Well here is the answer…

Calling all level 70 players!

High-level players can unlock a new trade from the Tree of Wisdom and start managing their own spa!

Bahami Spa
How do you feel about improving your overall health and well-being? How about some exotic drinks? FARMERAMA has a new challenge in store for high-level players. The Tree of Wisdom has a new rune that will open the proverbial gate to a brand new trade – the Bahami Spa Manager.

Collect stars and reap the massive rewards, and then embark on the new trade. The next challenge awaits you in the Farmers’ Society – successfully complete the series of quests and you’ll be a certified spa manager. Be on the lookout for herbal elixirs when you harvest because you will need them from your new trade.

In the Bahami bar you will learn recipes for exotic concoctions and cocktails, as well as cosmetic spa products, which all contain bonuses that will help you progress on Bahamarama. Experienced spa managers can really get creative and toss three spa products into the mixer to concoct an extra special bonus. The bonus from the resulting mix is selected randomly, but takes immediate effect and gets a bonus slot in the new bonus system, as well (diamond, gold or silver).

The size of the respective bonus, as well as its duration, depends on the quality of the products used – you could grab a +1 and +2 harvest bonus, 10% or 20% reduction in harvesting times or 15%, 30% or 50% EP on various plant categories.

If you don’t have enough spa or basic products to whip up new bonuses, just reach for some pieces of fruit that you could also receive from every concoction. But take note that if all of your bonus slots are in use and you mix up a new bonus, you will have to decide if you want to keep the new bonus or to use the old one. If you choose the new bonus, it will replace the bonus currently active. If you decline the new bonus, you will receive some fruit instead.
Happy mixing!

P.S.: Here’s a quick sampling of the next big update in store: the Artisan’s Village Alchemist! At present, launch is set for August. Until then, be sure to soak up some rays at the Bahami Spa Bar and treat yourself to an orange-mango smoothie or a chocolaty beverage.

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