Farmerama: Calculation of EP bonuses in the new bonus system

Mee with Watering CanIf you’ve been scratching your head lately and thinking that somehow things just aren’t quite adding up right, then the following announcement concerning the way bonuses are calculated might shine some light on the situation for you.

Howdy Farmers,

Many of you have been asking about how the EP bonuses are being calculated in the new system and if it’s different than the old system.

In the old system, some of the bonuses increased exponentially, as opposed to simply being added up. This happened because we had different bonus systems that were not properly integrated.

If you had multiple EP bonuses, the base value of the product would not be used to calculate the bonus total. For instance, if you have the same plant with 100 EP and you have a +100% bonus from the farm wheel, this would have given you an extra 200 EP (100+100=200). The +100% artisan product bonus would have been added on top of that total, as opposed to the base value, (200+200), thus resulting in a 400 EP bonus, instead of the 300 EP bonus it should actually be.

In the new system, we’ve kept the bonus calculation consistent. Now if you have multiple EP bonuses, they’ll be added to the base value of the EP item or product.

Let’s say a plant has 100 EP and you have a +100% bonus from the farm wheel, plus a +100% artisan product bonus – both of the bonuses will be added to the base value of the product. Therefore, you will receive a total bonus of 200% on the original 100 EP, which should yield a total of 300 EP (100+200=300).


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