FarmeramaAID: Summer Break

Mee with Watering CanHello farmers.

I read a very helpful post today on a non-farming blog that I follow where the subject matter revolved around doing whatever you have to do (for yourself) in order to come to a decision about something. That post was just what I needed to read at this moment in time, so….

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, FarmeramaAID will be taking a partial Summer Break.

Summer Break

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a site such as this and, as you can read in more detail on the About page, as much as I enjoy interacting with all you farmers out there on the Earthly Interweb there is a limit to the amount of mental energy that I can devote to anything. I am tired, my health is suffering, and I need a rest.

My current demeanour is also not helped by the fact that despite a number of requests to Bigpoint since February of this year to get official approval for this site it appears that I have been entered into their Customer Care Programme; i.e. given my own little dark corner of a filing cabinet somewhere where nobody will ever look again.

My requests for official approval having received no more than a “We’ll pass it on to the relevant department“, the last one not even being acknowledged as having been read, added to the extreme length and tediousness of the current Soccer 2012 Event are telling me it is most definitely time to sit back and take stock.

I will be away for a few days in the middle of July and without an Assistant Editor to hold the fort a break in transmissions would occur in any case. There is an (unpaid) opening there for somebody with the right experience and willingness.
Required skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Extensive knowledge of Farmerama
  • An understanding of
  • Some HTML
  • Some ability to manipulate pictures
  • A good level of written English
  • Time and patience

Anyone interested in showing their prowess can drop me a line via the Contact Page.

In the absence of anyone stupid enough to apply any suitable applications I will still post updates as and when I can, but certainly not to the degree that you may have been used to in the past.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope to be back with you, suitably refreshed, in a few weeks.

Take care, and Happy Farming !!!

All timings in this post are shown in Terrestrial Time For  Nublons (TTFN). To get an idea of how TTFN relates to your own time send a stamped, addressed envelope to the person you most admire. 🙂


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