FarmeramaAID Tip of the Day: What do Trophies do in Farmerama?

Mee with Watering CanWe have noticed a number of searches in our stats recently asking “What do Trophies do in Farmerama?
Example Trophies Main Field
Somebody out there on the interweb is needing an answer and we have been meaning to write up a tutorial on it for some time, but….

Anyway, for all those out there in Farmerama land for whom the Trophies are still a puzzle, here’s a quick run-down of them to get you started.

To begin with, how do you get the Trophies?

Answer: They are gained through the Country Fair and Farming Contest Quests in the Farmer’s Society building in the City.
Trophy Quests

You need to deliver goods to these quests in ever increasing amounts of CC value; the value required doubles with each level.
For the Country Fair quest you will deliver field and tree crops, for the Farming Contest quest you will deliver animals.

Delivering Animals To Quest

The CC Exchange Value per animal is shown in the right hand column.
Both mainland and island animals can be donated.
The value of each animal roughly reflects its time to produce or its rarity within the game.

You can make your donations in small batches if you wish, the system remembers how far you have got.

Once you have completed the first level the trophy will be placed in your inventory behind the Decorations Tab.
Decorations Tab

Example Trophies in Inventory

Example Trophies in Inventory

Each time you complete another level of the trophy quests you will receive a Trophy Upgrade in your inventory.
Place this upgrade on top of an existing trophy out in the field and after a few seconds your trophy will be upgraded.

Ok, so now you have one or more trophies what do they do and how do you use them?

Answer: The trophies increase your chances of receiving Drop Items while harvesting on whichever field they are placed. Drop Items include tools (very useful early in the game), Artisan Trade Goods, and any Special Drop Items which may be a part of an Event which is running. Your chances are improved by 1% for each level of trophy placed on the field at the time of harvesting.

The trophies can be placed on any field within the game and can be moved around as much as you like (this is recommended), but they have no effect whatsoever in the Park as there are no items placeable there which initiate drops.

Time consuming as it is (and it certainly increases the number of “clicks” in the game) it is very worthwhile to move your trophies from field to field as you are harvesting because you want as many drops as you can get.

To move the trophies you delete them from their current location, move to the next field you are harvesting, then place the trophies in empty 1×1 plots on that field before you harvest.

Where on the fields should the trophies be put?

Answer: It doesn’t matter, absolutely anywhere you like; however there are times when it can be very difficult to see where the “vacant” plots are because the screen is dimmed when you go to place them.

For that reason we follow this method so that we can always see where they go and find it helps to speed things up a bit, so we offer it to you as a suggestion…
Buy a few items of fencing from the Supply Store; 4 per field. These can be bought for a few CC’s each, there is no need to spend BB’s on them.
Select two (anywhere appropriate for your farm layout) 1×1 plots at the bottom of each field, then place the fences as shown in this example.

Trophy Location Fences

Trophy Location Fences

Doing this will really help you to spot the locations for your trophies when you come to place them.
You can have different positions on each field as you may have varying field layouts, it’s entirely up to you.

If one only has animals on a field does one only need to place the “Animal” trophy?

Answer: No. Both trophies offer their benefits to the harvesting of all crops, trees and animals on all the fields (except the park), so always place both trophies before harvesting.

If you spend real money on the game and are lucky enough to receive a “Howie Donut” turtle as a bonus you should allocate another 1×1 plot for him too as he gives a further 5% chance of getting drop items on all fields (except the Park and the Island).

Will I spend the rest of my Farmerama life moving the trophies around?

Answer: Hopefully not! At the top of the Tree of Wisdom (in the Magical Glade) there is a rune which allows you to have your trophies active at all times on all fields, but for players at the lower levels that is still a long way away….

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  1. um, you are definitely an expert on this… i never know what to do when i see it on facebook… 😉 xo, sm

    • Hi sm,
      With so many farms I’ve racked up over 460 levels so far, but there are still some things that catch me out (mainly through brain-fugg). 😦
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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