Farmerama: Weekend Mini-Events 14th – 16th April

Mee with Watering CanThis weekend sees three Mini-Events; a Mega-EP Day, a Mystery Tree Seedling Day and a new Tree Seedling Sale.

Mega EP Day Bonus 100pc EP

Mega EP Day

Mystery Seedling

Mystery Seedling

Elder Tree

Elder Tree (New)

(Note: There is a possibility that the new Elder Tree will feature in Part 3 of the Soccer Event, although we have not yet had this confirmed)

All events will start on Saturday 16th June at 10:00 (CEST) and end on Monday 18th June at 11:00 (CEST).

(New) Tree Seedling Sale

Ingame promotion will be by News Page with link and In-game Event Timer with link.

Tree seedling sale packages:

  • Small package: 20 Seedlings + 5 Suzy’s Ultra Grow for 99 BB
  • Medium package: 40 Seedlings + 15 Suzy’s Ultra Grow for 199 BB
  • Large package: 60 Seedlings + 25 Suzy’s Ultra Grow for 299 BB + 2 Suzy’s Ultra Grow for each neighbour

Tree Seedling Sale Panel - German

Mystery Tree Seedling Day

Ingame promotion will be by News Page, Billboard, Zeppelin and In-game Event Timer

Trees to win in this event are:

XL tree according to player´s level
XXL tree according to player´s level

and the following special trees
peach tree
spring tree
rainbow tree
ginko tree
magnolia tree

goldleaf tree
chestnut tree
scented tree
mirabelle tree
egg tree
christmas tree
milk tree
lemon tree

NEW: Elder Tree 
Elder Tree

The trees in red are for the last time part of the Tree Seedling event.
It the future we will replace them by new trees.
Use the last chance to complete your seedling collection!

Read more about Mystery Tree Seedling Day -> here <-

Mega-EP Day

Ingame promotion will be by News Page and In-game Event Timer

Read more about Mega-EP Day -> here <-

The Forum thread with the timer can be found here, but as always note that Forum Announcement countdown timers are only a guide to a given start-time. You’ll only really know that the event has started when it actually is online. ALWAYS refresh your browser to check if the Event has an ingame timer, or if the News Page has any information that the Event has started!

All game timings are shown in Central European Time (CET) or Central European Summer Time (CEST). To get an idea of how CET/CEST relates to your own time click on the clock face in the right-hand column.
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