Farmerama: New Crafting Buffs to come

Mee with Watering CanAs promised in earlier posts there has been a further announcement regarding the upcoming changes to the Buff System.

It is not intended as a final declaration of what is going to happen, but it does give a few pointers as to the what Bigpoint have in mind.

We would advise you to read it carefully

Howdy Farmers,

Following feedback from players, we have thought long and hard about how we can best improve the current buff system to make the game fairer and to add more and better buffs. Especially for the new crafting professions that will soon be available.

We are changing the buff system at end of June, beginning of July latest. This will enable you and us to be prepared for our new crafting professions.

We want to ensure that advanced players can continue to use all the recipes and that we are not restricting them unnecessarily. As many of you are quite curious about what exactly the changes will be, we decided to give you a brief overview of what you have to look forward to.

What are the changes:

Buffs activated via consumable goods, e.g. the carrot-apple chutney, will be differentiated from those activated by Sid at the Farm Wheel or via premium purchases. The latter will remain the same, while the former has been changed.

There is a new element for consumable buffs, which limits the amount of available buff spots. Each buff has a certain size, which determines how many spots it requires. A stronger buff, like the carrot-apple chutney, requires 3, while other buffs require only 1 or 2 slots. New buffs can only be used if there are enough spots available.

The buff spots are now also in groups of 1, 2 or 3, which determine how many spots are required for each buff. Group 3 buffs will then require three spots. You may, of course, use three buffs from group 1, or combine one group 2 buff with a group buff. This will prevent the simultaneous use of multiple harvest buffs. A detailed list with all buffs and their future categories will follow soon.

What happens if I use the same item more than once?

In the new system, the item effect is not as important as which item is already in use. If you use two carrot-apple chutneys, the buff will only be activated once, however it will last twice as long. If another object has the same effect, then the item may be used and you will receive an additional buff of the same sort (provided that you have sufficient spots available).

The value of all of the active buffs will simply be added together to get the total buff effect. For example, if item A has a 50% EP buff and item B also has a 50% EP buff, then you will receive 100% more EP.

How many buff spots will be available?

Each player will have a total of 6 spots to start with, split up into a group of 1, 2 and 3 spots respectively.

Will there be additional spots available in the future?

Yes. The additional buff spots can be unlocked via the skill tree and maybe also in other ways, the exact details of which will be announced before the changes will happen.

I spent a lot of money to profit from the actual buff system, is it all lost now?

No, definitely not. The change will have pros & cons for you:

  • Possibility to get even stronger buffs, e.g. not only +2 crop but +4
  • The new restrictions open up possibilities to give out more and stronger buffs in the future

No prolonging of CAC by using other products any more

The new restrictions limit the buff system

We know that many of you invested a lot of time and energy into getting recipes, leveling up, crafting etc. – this won’t be lost! We are thinking about rewarding players that already put a lot of effort in the buff system by giving them additional buff slots or something similar. More details on this to follow soon.

We hope you are as excited about the upcoming updates as we are and look forward to your feedback!


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