Farmerama: Change to Weekend Mini-Events 9th – 11th June

Mee with Watering CanThe following announcement has been made regarding this weekend’s Mini-Events:

Sorry, there was a mix-up.
It’s Suzy’s Super-Grow (and NOT Suzy’s Ultra-Grow).
The OA has been amended.

We have amended  our earlier announcement too.

Editor’s Note:
This is what happens when things are given misleading and confusing names.
The name “Suzy’s Ultra-Grow” is ridiculous on two counts:

  • Firstly it has nothing to do with Suzy
  • Secondly it is too similar to “Suzy’s Super-Grow” and so confusion is bound to arise.

The original interim name of “Turbo Mulch” was much simpler to deal with and left one in no doubt as to what was being referred to.
If Bigpoint and the Forum Moderators are having communication issues because of the way it was named then what chance is there for the rest of us?

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