Farmerama: Gift Pop-Ups

Mee with Watering CanThe following announcement has been made about the multitude of Gift Pop-Ups that some farms are experiencing today.

Howdy Farmers,
You may be aware that you are getting a flood of gifts, this is because there was a queue of gifts from recent events (including craft, supergrow, superfeed etc), these are now feeding through.
We understand it may be disconcerting to have this repetition of pop-ups, but these are ‘real’ gifts, not just duplicate notification. Once this has been cleared, it should not happen again.
Thank you for your patience.
Your Farmerama Team

Editorial Note

If it is so easy to have the gift pop-ups flooding in like this when there is a backlog, why is it that we cannot have ALL our outstanding gift notifications this quickly WHENEVER we log in rather than having them interrupt us at odd (and inconvenient) moments while we are in the middle of farming.
We used to be able to “force” the gift notification pop-ups to appear when we first logged in by simply switching from one field to another until they ran out. That wasn’t perfect but is was better than the recent situation where they took ages to come through.
As Bigpoint have now proven they can achieve an ideal situation why are they not also stating that this will now continue as the norm for the convenience of players?

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