Farmerama: Official Statement about changes to the crafting bonuses (buff system)

Mee with Watering CanThe following Official Statement has been released regarding the way crafting items are extended by the use of other, lesser items. This is referred to as the Buff System.

It will be important for all players who use Craft Items to read this announcement:

Official Statement

Carrot-apple chutney was originally developed to be an exceptional recipe that could be only be used for special occasions. This is also exactly why it is expensive and time-consuming to make.

It has become a well-known secret that you can use pumpkin jam, a markedly less expensive recipe, to extend the effect of your carrot-apple chutney. In the meantime, many of you are doing just that; however, hardly any Farmerama players have the +2 harvest buff/effect to fall back on.

It was never our intention to create a recipe with such a strong effect that could be improved by a weaker product.

We will not be changing the mechanics of how buffs work in the game, though we are facing a dilemma that must be addressed.

We are sure you have noticed that the events of late have been fairly difficult. We want to make sure that we are creating exciting, yet challenging, events for all players regardless of their level.
This is becoming more and more difficult, because half of you have the +2 harvest buff afforded by the carrot-apple chutney as a safety net and half of you – who are mostly brand new players who don’t have enough country coins in the bank – do not.
This of course means that half of all Farmerama players will not be able to successfully complete events because they have been put at an unfair disadvantage through no fault of their own.

To level the playing field, we realized we either had to make the carrot-apple chutney available for everyone or (basically) no one at all.

Along the same lines, we believe it’s necessary to create even stronger recipes, which you have been wanting for a while now.
If the effects of these new recipes can be extended, then we will see to it that you have a considerable amount of recipes to choose from.

This was the general thought process behind wanting to tweak the buff system in Farmerama.

The most noticeable difference will be that you can no longer extend the effects of carrot-apple chutney with pumpkin jam.

This will make it fairer for all players, because we will no longer operate under the assumption that everyone has access to the buff.
And accordingly, the events will be easier.

Moreover, if and when you do use a chutney, it will give you a definite advantage over other players.

What is actually changing?

When you consume an artisan product, such as carrot-apple chutney, while other buffs are active, one of the following three things will happen:

  • Both buffs will be active
  • The duration of the buff will be extended
  • One buff will override the other

If the effects (for example, higher yield of wheat and other crops) and magnitude (for example, 50%/ 100% more, +1/+2) of the two buffs are the same, the duration of the original buff will be extended, since they are more or less identical.

If the effects of the buffs are the same, but the magnitudes are different, the old buff will be overwritten by the new buff. You will always be asked to confirm first before your old buff is overwritten by the new one.

If both the effects and magnitudes of the two buffs are different, they will both be active at the same time.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback in the discussion thread:

The Forum Moderators have also commented as follows:

When will this happen?
We don’t know exactly. The upcoming changes are planned for somewhere around the beginning of June 2012.

We don’t know more than what is written in the above Statement so please, don’t bombard us with questions that we won’t be able to answer.
Make good use of the Discussion Thread, where the developers will check on your feedback, thank you.

As soon as we have more info, we’ll pass it on to you.

As mentioned above. We will not be able to answer all your questions now, BUT we definitely will pass them on to higher-ups.

  • On this occasion questions ARE allowed in the Official Discussion.
  • Any questions asked on the forum will be merged directly into the Official Discussion, as we do not have the answers.

Your Farmerama Team

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