Farmerama: Greenweek Event Announced – 4th to 21st May

Mee with Watering CanOh boy, there will be no rest for us farmers over the next few weeks; we’re in for a busy time !?

The next event comes in three parts and covers the period 4th May through to 21st May.

Greenweek Event Logo Oxygen Tank

Here is the Official Announcement:

Greenweek at Farmerama offers events that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats

Howdy Farmers,

The Greenweek events on your Farmerama farm will prove to be quite the challenge, and, as the weeks progress, the challenges will only get more and more exciting!

We’ll kick off the event with a special quest at the Farmer’s Society.

Collecting Greenweek points is the name of the game, and we suggest that you gather as many as you can, because you’ll need them later on. This first part of the event will run from May 4th until the 10th.

To kick off the second portion of the event, we’ll be putting your endurance to the test once again. A new and imposing challenge will be waiting for you in the Farmer’s Society and whoever sees the second challenge to completion will have collected the most points. The second part of the event will take place from the 10th until the 16th of May.

What are the Greenweek points for, you ask? We’ll tell you, but before we do, we’d like to tell you a little story …

Borsty the wild boar is a newbie on the Farmerama farm, but he hasn’t let that stand in his way of establishing himself as a successful business-swine. His factories are churning around the clock to produce lots and lots of goods and they are sullying the air in the city in the process. So now all farmers must band together to clean up the mess Borsty has made.

Collect the oxygen that your fields produce and grow plants and trees to help clean up the polluted air. You’ll need these resources not only for the individual event tasks (and win Greenweek points for completing them), but also for the ones you must complete as a community. The community tasks are for all players and are intended to remedy the same ill, namely cleaning the now dirty Farmerama environment.

Only together can you make the world a better place!

You’ve already accomplished a lot and you’ve collected lots of Greenweek points for your efforts. Visit the Greenweek shop and treat yourself to something nice – you’ve earned it! The third part of the event will begin on the 16th of May and last until the 21st.

Roll up those sleeves and get to cleaning, farmers!


p.s. as soon as we know the start time, we’ll keep you informed.

And we’ll post a FAQ as soon as possible too…
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