Farmerama: Farm Log Beta Testing

updatedNote: This Beta Test has now ended.
Mee with Watering CanWe were told a few weeks ago that the developers were going to try to introduce a new form of information display by way of a message log. This has now been introduced by way of a Beta Test and Bigpoint are canvassing our views on it prior to implementation into the main game.

Here is the Official Announcement:

Howdy farmers,
We´ve added a new log for tracking actions and before we launch it officially we´d like to make a final BETA test with you.
We really appreciate your feedback.

How to test the new log:

  • Login with your username and password at:
    (i.e. Log in as normal)
  • Once you´re in your account, replace the URL with the following one:
    (i.e. Overwrite the word Game at the end with the word Beta)
  • Click on the green arrow on the botton of the page and open the new log:Farm Log Example
    (That will open up ONE line of it… click the green arrow again to expand the box fully)
  • The following actions you do will be saved in the log:
    • Quest has been finished.
    • Quest has been started.
    • Get new offers in the farmhouse.
    • Farmhouse offer has been finished.
    • Farmhouse offer has been refused.
    • Harvester, seeder and farm droid have been purchased.
    • Country Coins have been purchased.
    • Super dung, super feed and water have been bought.
    • Workshop has been built.
    • All shop purchases for CC and BB.
    • (If you Harvest using the Harvester the total EP’s rewarded for that action and summaries of the Drop Items received will be recorded in the log)
  • After logout/refresh the history in the log will be deleted.

Do you like it? What are the positive and negative things about it?

Give us your spontaneous feedback here in the DISCUSSION THREAD

Enjoy the best test. We´re looking forward to your feedback. If you wish to cancel the beta test, logout and login as usual.


Our Opinion…

Very nice, with just two exceptions….

  1. We don’t read German.Farm Log in German
  2. Any Gift Receipt Messages still appear in Info Boxes and interrupt game play. We thought the whole point of this was to overcome that, and yet it has been omitted from the Beta Test !!!

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