Farmerama: Update on Confirmation Pop-Ups

Mee OxcarBigpoint were being far too modest with their previous announcement regarding the removal of the confirmation pop-ups. Their original announcement only took credit for removing them from the Farmhouse Orders.

The latest announcement gives a more complete summary of what has been done:

(We’ve left the speeling errors in)

Howdy Farmers,
We have received this annouoncement regarding which confirmation pop ups have been removed:

– Second confirmation layer when you buy items in the shop.
– Second confirmation layer when you buy water, super dung and super feed
– Confirmation layer for delivered offers in the farmhouse
– Confirmation layer for building workshops. This was not intended! We´re working on briniging back the confirmation layer. Besides that when you build currently a workshop the tools don´t count down unless you refresh the page – this is known and we´re on it.

We´re will continue improving the alert box system and remove futher alert boxes.

Note- If you are going to build a pen and do not receive the pop up confirming the build, please check you barn BEFORE you press the build button again

Your Farmerama Team

In Our Opinion…

It took a lot of pressure from farmers to get Bigpoint to put confirmation pop-ups into certain parts of the game in the first place.

Now they are being removed, which is most unhelpful to the players.

We note they are not being removed because they are unwanted nor, as some may suspect, because of the introduction of the new style of pop-up. They are being removed because players don’t like getting so many pop-ups during play.

That, in itself, is an understandable reason to reduce the number of interruptions players receive.

However, the reason players receive so many pop-ups during their normal farming tasks at the moment has nothing to do with the very useful action confirmation pop-ups which have just been removed.

It is, in fact, due to the following two reasons:

  1. Due to a recently introduced bug it is not now possible for players to automatically trigger their outstanding gift receipt messages by moving from field to field as soon as they log in to the game. This was very useful, especially for those of us who like to keep a record of gifts received and from which player.
  2. Due to another, recently RE-introduced bug a lot of the gift receipt messages are being displayed on multiple occasions.

The new style pop-up is a vast improvement on the old version…

  1. purely from a style viewpoint
  2. because the confirmation “tick” is located near the bottom of the screen, well away from the main functional area of work. The old version always appeared right in the middle and, for players who sow and harvest manually, was always interrupting what they were doing. For those who like to record gift receipts the old style box was often being removed from the screen accidentally when it popped up right underneath a current action, which was very frustrating.

All that would be needed to pacify the players would be to fix those two bugs.

Then if Bigpoint wished to design an alternative message delivery system, which we are told they are doing, they would be able to introduce it in one update rather than the bitty, disorganised, and annoying to farmers method they are adopting at the moment.

Why go to the trouble of taking away what the farmers actually want whilst leaving in the bugs that need fixing?

It’s all being done the wrong way round!

What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below.

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