Farmerama: Park Expansion Rumours – A Possible Beanstalk

Mee OxcarWe normally like to keep rumours over in the section headed “Nublon Intelligence“, but we feel the latest gossip about the possibility of an extension to the Park is worth expanding on.

In earlier discussions on the Forum with respect to the overcrowding of Park land a response came as follows:

We have been aware of the problem for quite some time and are already working to find a solution. We are planning on an expansion, but none to the field. The expansion will take place up in the sky, which will be made accessible via a magical plant. Moreover, we have conceived of something really cool to make collecting decorative and giver items worthwhile again. You will have to continue being patient, but the new concepts will be out before trees start sprouting new leaves.

Today some new graphics have appeared which might cast some light on what was meant by that response.

Beanstalk Rumour 1
Beanstalk Rumour 2
Anyone who has been playing the game for any length of time will know how easy it is to fill up the park with “Giver” items, and it is said by some that many players at higher levels don’t even bother with the events any more as they have nowhere to put the Giver Items they would win.

The concept of a “Jack and the Beanstalk” type of area where one can place the won items seems an excellent idea to us, but with just one major reservation

Harvesting the ever-increasing beanstalk will not be a problem for players who purchase the Harvester all the time, but for other players who only have that facility when they achieve the Harvester from an Event or a Quest it would appear that the collecting of the EPs and CCs from the Giver Items could easily turn into a very long winded process.

If the Beanstalk is going to be put into the game perhaps a single “Harvest the Beanstalk” button could be provided in order to save masses of scrolling and clicking.

It could possibly operate at “ground level” by one of the farm animals shaking the Beanstalk and then all the EPs and CCs could fall like leaves into a basket.

What do you think?

Use the comment box below to give us your thoughts.
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  1. It’s about time because I have items on hold that I cannot put out right now because I’m out of space

    • Hi Dorothy,
      Yes, same here, hundreds of them.
      Unfortunately, unless this idea also allows for the inclusion of items from previous events, the overcrowding players are currently experiencing won’t be solved.
      But at least it would be a start. 🙂
      Have a good day.

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