Farmerama: 2 New Permanent Quests in Farmers’ Society Building

Mee OxcarAt last we have two new Permanent Quests in the Farmers’ Society, “Theme Party” and “No Rest On The Farm“. 🙂

Theme Party and No Rest On The Farm

The Official Announcement reads as follows:

Howdy Farmers,
We’re happy to inform you that, as from today, there are 2 new permanent quests in Farmers Society Building.
These are especially intended for higher level players, to give them a challenge too.
The Farmer’s Society FAQ will soon be updated to add the new charts too
Your Farmerama Team

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  1. I saw one of the new events, are they both for Farmerama, or is one for each land, or are they half and half. I mean you get to a certain level and then the rest is for Bahama ……?????
    I am happy I can do the one that is first, I just hope I can do the whole quest in the Farmers Society.

    • Hi Serenity,
      You’re ok, the “No Rest On The Farm” quest is fully based on the main farm.
      At your game level you will be able to complete the first 3 levels of the quest, after that you will need to level up.
      From then on the increments do get quite steep because, as the announcement said, these quests are for the most experienced farmers. The “No Rest On The Farm” quest, for example, is not designed to be completed in its entirety by players below level 89.
      But there’s 18 more stars for you, anyway. 🙂
      Happy farming.

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