Farmerama: Two more Announcements regarding the Oxcar Event

Mee OxcarThere have been two further announcements regarding the state of the Oxcar Event.

The good news is that we should all be able to start planting Gerbera.

17:05 (CET) – Seed Issue

Howdy Farmers,
We have just been advised that for those who did not receive their starter seeds, a script has been run.
Can all who had initial troubles with the seeds please log out, clear their caches and log back in.
Your Farmerama Team

17:47 (CET)- Licences: Trade – Gift – Switch/Exchange

Howdy farmers,
We’ve just been informed that your 5 free Switch/Exchange Licences have been booked correctly.
They are simply not yet visible in your barn (“other” tab) as announced in the FAQ.
This should be fixed by tomorrow, where ALL your licences will become visible in that tab.
Your Farmerama Team

All game timings are shown in Central European Time (CET). To get an idea of how CET relates to your own time click on the clock face in the right-hand column.
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  1. The trade and gift is where Mee? Today is a slow brain day! lol I went to the event and I am having problems with understanding it. I do know that we can chose which one we want to do, it is the exchange, and one other item (I can not seem to remember) I was questioning, I guess I can come back! 🙂 Thankyou so much for your time and patience, and your wonderful site!!

  2. Okay I looked, found what I needed, and I suspect this will be harder than I thought. Confused = :$

    • Hi Serenity,
      It looks tricky at first sight but if you think of it very much like some of the other recent events you should be ok.
      Forget the exchange part for the moment and just concentrate on getting the crops. The drop rate for the scripts is good enough that it shouldn’t cause anyone a problem as far as I can see.
      Plant all your crops and keep on harvesting and planting until you have some left over. Then each time you plant deliver whatever is left over to your preferred choice of room.
      Carry on like that until you have completed the plants for that room, then start thinking about how many more scripts you need to put together for it. You may already have enough completed scripts anyway.
      Don’t worry about the trading between players just yet as that will only confuse the issue.
      Take your time, take care, and have fun. 🙂

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