Farmerama: “Players Ask – Bigpoint Answers”

Mee Carnival 65x65Bigpoint have been asking the farmers to put forward questions that they would like answered about the game, where it is going, and what Bigpoint plan for it in the future.

Today they have provided us with the answers to 26 of the more common questions and we offer you a full transcript of the somewhat lengthy announcement here. It makes interesting reading! :

Hello English Community,

Thanks a lot for your questions!

We are thrilled that you have all taken such an active interest in our ‘Users ask – Bigpoint answers’ campaign.

Due to the sheer amount of questions we received, it was impossible to answer each one. We have, however, selected the most important and most frequent questions to answer.

This newsletter contains the first round of questions and answers. We are planning on making a podcast to answer additional questions, which lend themselves well to a short film.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding the campaign. If it is deemed a success, we would certainly do it again in the future.

Now to the questions and answers!

1. When can we expect the next permanent quests?
We are currently working on additional permanent quests, the first of which will be going live very soon. Since there have been lots of new plants, trees, animals and handicrafts, we are aiming at adding lots of new quests in the Farmer’s Society building, which will require these new game items.

2. When will the two missing runes be added?
We are planning to have them added by 17 February. We would also like to apologize once again for the long wait. Unfortunately, the technical logistics took longer than expected. (Editor’s note: See the next post for more information.)

3. Many users do not like the new design. Could you please tell us why a change was necessary and why we are not able to toggle between the new and old design?
Due to technical reasons, you are prevented from toggling between the old and new design. In the upcoming podcast, we will provide you all with a more detailed explanation. We can tell you that whenever a new design is implemented all the windows, landscapes, window elements, buttons, etc. have to be changed in the program code and repositioned on the screen. This makes it impossible to go back to the old design, as the code and some of the background functions have been changed. However, we have taken your criticism into consideration and will continue to touch up the game and implement your constructive criticism, just like we did with the seed section. The decision to change the design was made long ago and cannot be undone. We will, however, strive to incorporate your needs and wishes.

4. What are the future plans for Bahamarama? Are there any expansions in the works, or perhaps even new animals?
We are aware that Bahamarama has not received that much attention recently. We are indeed planning on expanding the island, as well as making additional changes this year. We have yet to finalize the concept for the changes, which means any ideas you post will most certainly be considered!

5. There is no longer enough space on the decoration field due to the huge selection of decorative items. Are expansions in the works, and if so, could you divulge some info on what is in store?
We have been aware of the problem for quite some time and are already working to find a solution. We are planning on an expansion, but none to the field. The expansion will take place up in the sky, which will be made accessible via a magical plant. Moreover, we have conceived of something really cool to make collecting decorative and giver items worthwhile again. You will have to continue being patient, but the new concepts will be out before trees start sprouting new leaves.

6. Is there a new function planned for the water mill in the magical glade?
In all honesty, the water mill was originally only intended to create a magical ambience. But we like the idea of giving this enchanting icon an actual game function. Maybe, the mill would be well served as a way of influencing the weather on the farm that is set to return this year!

7. Give us a clue as to which animal will be the next one available to breed! Will breeding be possible on Bahamarama?
Bit by bit, every animal will be incorporated into the breeding program – including island animals. However, incorporating just one animal into the breeding program means weeks of work for us as the graphic designers have to create every aspect of the animal, including their stalls and movements. The next animal is already in the works – I have heard that this animal has lived with mankind for over 9,000 years! What ever could it be?

8. Are there any plans to add professions in the Artisans’ Village? If so, what can we expect?
Most definitely! We are currently debating which two professions to add next. Our target is to bring the total of artisan professions to seven. We organized a competition recently among Farmerama fans to provide us with suggestions for new professions, and you didn’t disappoint! We were able to amass a huge laundry list of great ideas. The two professions will be decided on soon and then get to working on all the particulars for each.

9. Will a new weather system be introduced soon? If so, what will some of the functions be?
We most definitely do want to reintroduce weather to the farm. What we want to avoid is to put you guys off anytime it rains and make you want to log out. Instead, we are going to introduce different types of weather that could have both positive and negative effects on your plants and animals. For example, sunshine would let your plants grow faster, but will make your animals thirstier faster. If you have any suggestions as far as the effects rain, snow or shine should have, be sure to post them in the forum.

10. Lots of players in the upper levels have complained that there are no more challenges in the game. How are you planning on keeping our long-term interest up?
We have lots in store. We are going to adjust the levels, modify special quests and professions for advanced level gamers, and much more. You can rest assured that we haven’t forgotten you and will do everything in our power to keep your interest piqued. To this end, the expansion of game content in the higher levels is a priority for us and you can all count on the additions being a real hit.

11. Are you working on making the Harvest Time app compatible with Android?
Being that I myself have an Android cell phone, nothing would make me happier. However, the standard app programming cannot be transported to Android and therefore the app has to be completely remade for Android. However, we are currently working on the new updates for the iPhone app. Although there is great demand for an Android version, there will not be any quick solution due to the development time necessary.

12. Would it be worth it to integrate an in-game calendar with all the events in store? Has this idea been kicked around?
We would like to have an in-game calendar for all the events and sale special to make it easier for you to know what is going on. And we are planning on doing just that, but it will not be introduced before summer as we will be implementing all the other new stuff first.

13. Will the degree of difficulty for the events by matched to user levels?
You have all been requesting that and it makes lots of sense as new farmers have different demands than more experienced farmers. Coming this February you’ll have your first chance to test the changes. Moreover, we are working on changing the overall game mechanics to enable different degrees of difficulty at the same time.

14. Why does Farmerama sometimes have 2 or 3 events at the same time, e.g. Baby Boom or the Birthday Event? On the one hand, players need enough space to plant the event items, but on the other hand, if they choose to breed animals, they can no longer access the drop items. It’s decisions like these that annoy Farmerama players.
We originally thought that events were a type of limited-time offer that you could either select or reject. However, over the past months we have seen that many players like taking part in all the events and do not want to have to choose one or the other. We are therefore attempting to prevent multiple events from taking place at the same time. But do not take on too much. We aim to offer as much as possible, but please do not feel like you have to complete everything. In other words, we do not want to force you into doing everything, rather we would just like to offer as much as possible. Once we have found a good system to implement varying degrees of difficulty, the overall game environment will be much more relaxed, and you will have the option of choosing how difficult the event should be.

15. Could you please explain the method to the randomness and probability of drop items for events?
First of all, let me just say that all of your speculations and theories on the drop rates made for interesting reading. The method behind this proverbial madness, however, is simple. We decide from where the items are to be dropped (fields, trees, stalls, etc.) and determine the probability for each item. If the probability is, for example, 1%, then out of 100 apple trees, one item will probably drop. However, there is still a healthy amount of randomness involved, meaning it could happen that 10 items drop out of the same 100 trees or none whatsoever. It is truly completely random. Your chance at securing an item does increase, however, the longer your crops are planted. Despite speculation to the contrary, the following factors have no influence at all on the drop rate: paying or non-paying players, specific servers, the manner in which you conduct yourself in our forums, the number of critical threads in forums, shoe size or astrological sign.

16. Many players are stating that the benefits gained through premium packs are no longer as great. Are you planning on revamping these packs, and if so, which additional benefits would these include?
The new packs are almost finished! We hope to offer different packs with a variety of benefits at a variety of prices. In addition to the current benefits, we will be adding some new things. Furthermore, we will now be able to change the contents of the different packs quicker, in order to keep the premium packs up to date and incorporate current user needs.

17. Taking on and fulfilling orders in the farmhouse is not worth it. Can you make the rewards more attractive in the future?
We are also aware of the fact that the rewards are not worth the effort. Therefore, we are definitely planning on revamping this aspect of the game. Sometime in the first half of the year the prices will be increased to give you a just wage for your goods.

18. Will it be possible soon to play the game in fullscreen?
Unfortunately, that would require a huge technical overhaul, and the entire code would have to be rewritten. I would also like a fullscreen mode, but I cannot promise you that it will be included in the next round of changes.

19. Many users have complained about the performance of the games and feel that this would improve if there were a function available to disable the animation. Is that in the works?
Unfortunately, no. We have, however, implemented a measure to optimize performance, and will continue to strive to ensure that Farmerama runs flawlessly, even on older machines. In-game animation is actually already determined by the game itself. If game performance is lacking, animation is reduced. This feature, however, could be improved and overall game performance with it.

20. Will you be adding another section to the inventory screen, where we can view our gifts, including whom we received them from?
As soon as we have adjusted the gift layer to the new design, there will indeed be a gift log. We will also be improving the neighbor bar, so that their names will be more legible.

21. Are you planning on implementing additional interaction features with neighbors?
In our team, both Kai and Stefan are currently working on such features. It would be nice, if you could go and visit your neighbor’s farm and maybe even lend a hand.

22. Are you planning on expanding the wedding arch? Maybe even adding a surprise or two for the first wedding anniversary?
The weddings have to improve! We think an ‘anniversary’ would be a great idea, and would like to improve the wedding features in Farmerama in general. First on the list, however, are a few other critical issues. Therefore, we will not be making any such changes before summer.

23. Why hasn’t there been a sale yet for Susi’s super-grow?
A question of our own: do you guys really want one?

24. There have been many rumors about bots in the community. How seriously do you take the issue? Do you have the technology to recognize bot users? Are you planning on levying fines or doling out other punishment?
Bots are an unpleasant reality that we condemn. Therefore, we examine the latest bots to determine how they work. Only then can we implement counteractivity and security measures in our game. Unfortunately, bot-providers can then examine our moves, circumvent them and cheat in other ways. We are always on the back foot when dealing with bots, but are always combatting them to make things as difficult as possible.

25. Are you planning on implementing a global ranking system?
We are aware that many players would like a global ranking system, but we are also aware that many of you do not like the idea at all. In the future there may be a feature that lets users implement a ranking system, if they choose, but it will not be obligatory.

26. TGC Club – How are members recruited?
Learn more about this topic in the FAQ forum about TGC :…d.php?t=376035.

An Official Discussion on the Forum is now open for you to be able to discuss these questions/answers.
Take care to note the specific number of the question that you are referring to. This will help to keep the thread clearer! Thank you.

Your Farmerama Team

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