Farmerama: BETA Testing: Seeder Part 2

Mee with Watering CanFollowing on from the first set of Beta Testing a slight change has been made and now Bigpoint would like your feedback on this newer version of the Seeder.

Second Seeder Version

Second Seeder Version

Here is the Official Announcement and the link to the new Forum thread:

Howdy farmers,

Thanks for testing the new seeding pop-up!
Based on your constructive feedback we decided to improve the pop-up.
We made some changes, which most of you suggested:

    • The new seeding layer is now working with fast seeding feature. *
    • We can now show all seeds from level 1 to level 63 on one page so players who are on level 63+ have to scroll only once. Technically it was not possible to show ALL seeds on one page, so we hope that the solution we found is aceptable for all of you. ** *** ****

Have a look again!

We hope you’ll like it! We’re looking forward to your new feedback:…64#post2467064
(Note: Link removed as a THIRD Beta test is now underway. See this post to see details of the third version)


* This is not a change to the seeder, it is a change to the Beta Test. With regard to the complaints from farmers this does nothing, it purely satisfies those farmers who didn’t understand the test in the first place.

** We know of no technical reason whatsoever as to why more crops could not be shown on one display, after all there are more shown on the old version and that works fine. Perhaps one of the Techies would like to post a comment here and enlighten us!

*** Roses are shown on the example above and are Level 66, not Level 63! Tsk!

**** This may show crops up to Level 66 most of the time, but when an event is on that uses two new crops it will only show crops up to Level 64.

All in all, a very disappointing announcement as all they have done is make it slightly bigger. 😦

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  1. Typical Pigpoint and their PPP method. PPP, aka Piss Poor Programming is the lazy mans excuse for writing lousy, sloppy inefficient code. As a former programmer, I can attest to this practice of PPP becoming more of a standard rather than an exception starting back in the 1990’s.
    This is one of the reasons I left the world of Computer Programming. I would not lower myself to PPP.

    TY for a great Blog Mee. You do a lot of work here and I just want you to know it is appreciated and noted.

    • Hi RipRap, and thanks for the comment and your kind words of support.
      Yes, I know exactly what you mean, and it was one of the reasons I got out of software development too.
      The profusion of PPP came about mainly because of the advent of Program Generator Software. The resultant (necessarily poor and inefficient) code was then used as the skeleton for further program development just for the sake of “consistency” rather than managers, most of whom were failed developers, having the sense to say to their staff “We know why it’s written that way, but when we write our own programs we’ll do it properly”. Hence none of the incoming juniors ever learnt any good techniques, they just became copy/paste monkeys.
      This is very much the basis of most of the problems within Farmerama at the moment. It is very easy to see that most of the multitude of bugs which were introduced into the game in December stem from one basic fault in the coding. That fault, which has never been properly addressed, dates back to the summer of last year and is now being promulgated throughout the game by “newbies” who know no better than to just copy/paste everything assuming it is valid code.
      A lack of proper training, testing and any effective Change Management Procedures just compounds the problems, but Bigpoint keep taking people’s money.
      We are planning a more technically minded article explaining what we refer to as the “Nine Second Interface”, a very important element of the technical structure of the game that is not really understood by the players, appears never to have been explained to any of the Forum Moderators, and (most worryingly) seems no longer to be understood by most of the technical staff at Bigpoint itself.
      Happy farming!

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