Farmerama TESTING: Manual Planting Seed-Chart (Beta version)

Mee with Party HatIn the spirit of never-ending development Bigpoint have announced yet another Beta version that they would like your opinion on.

The Official Announcement reads as follows:

Howdy farmers,

The Developers have redesigned the pop-up for manual seeding and before we launch it officially we’d like to make a final BETA test with you.
We really appreciate your feedback.

How to test the new seed chart pop-up :

  • Login with your username and password at:
  • Once you’re in your account, replace the URL with the following one: then click go/enter.
    (FarmeramaAID Note: If your URL looks the same as that but ends in Game then you could just carefully overwrite the last four characters of the existing URL, changing them from Game to Beta then click go/enter)
  • Click on an empty plot and open the pop-up for manual seeding (the pop-up in the Speed-Seed Icon and the Harvester Seeder pop-up are both still the old pop-up) and have a look at the new design and functions. With drag and drop you can add your seeds to the new section “favourites“. Use the arrows to navigate the new seeding layer – you can decide how many seeds you want to see at a time.

Do you like it?
What are the positive and negative things about it? Give us your spontaneous feedback here:

SECOND UPDATE: A THIRD version of the Beta Test is now under way. Note that the link below which asks for feedback refers to the First Test Only! Follow this link to comment on version 3 of the Beta Test.

UPDATE: A second version of the Beta Test is now under way. Note that the link below which asks for feedback refers to the First Test Only! Follow this link to comment on version 2 of the Beta Test.…10#post2463410

Enjoy the beta test of the new Pop-up for manual seeding. We´re looking forward to your feedback.

(If you wish to cancel the beta test, logout and login as usual)



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